Graduation Coach

What is a Graduation Coach?

I like to think of my job as a drop-out prevention specialist.  I work with students who have gotten behind in school who may need an extra caring adult in the building.  I work closely with the counselors, social workers, teachers and administrators to find how to best help any student who is struggling. 

Dual Enrollment:

Want to earn college credit and high school credit at the same time? Dual enrollment will allow you to earn both!  Please come by the counseling office to learn more.  

College Calendar:  The dual enrollment classes are based on the college calendar, not the high school calendar. It does not always coincide with the Dawson County School system. Students are expected to know the days they are to be in class. Generally, they start a little later and finish a little earlier in May than the regular school calendar. Please realize the days during the school year (which also includes fall and spring breaks) might be different. It is the student's responsibility to keep up with the days they are expected in their dual enrollment course(s).

GPA: The courses are college courses. They may be harder, they will require more, and you should expect to have to study and do major assignments/projects. Your grade in the Dual Enrollment course go on  your college AND your high school transcripts. Dual Enrollment should be thought of as similar to AP classes, as they are both college level curriculum. Success in honors courses and AP courses is a good indication that you may be ready to take dual enrollment classes.

If you drop or are dropped from a college course, you will be placed in a high school course that will accommodate you.  If you make a D or an F in a dual enrollment course, you will not be able to continue in the dual enrollment program for the next semester. 

GPA Requirements: 
Lanier Tech 
2.6. HOPE GPA for technical classes, 3.0 HOPE GPA for academic classes
UNG:  3.25 HOPE GPA for academic classes (960 combines PSAT scores: 490 verbal, 440 math)

Cost:   Dual Enrollment is funded by the state of Georgia. Tuition and books are covered for the individual students; Students are expected to maintain a passing grade and to keep their college GPA in good standing. Students may be responsible for lab fees. Only 15 hours of college credit is covered by the state per semester, and only 30 hours TOTAL is covered.**Books are on loan and must be returned after the class is completed.

Transportation:   The students and parents are responsible for transportation. Once the student leaves the high school building, Dawson County School System is not responsible for the student. We cannot arrange transportation for your child. Should your child choose to ride or drive with another student, the student and/or parent assume the responsibility.

Attendance:  Students may be dropped during a course if they have excessive absences. It is imperative that students attend classes. The high school does not have access to grades and attendance at the college, so It is up to each individual student to keep up with this. The high school only receives grades after the course is completed via the college transcript.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act): Due to FERPA, colleges cannot give out a student's grades, information, etc. to a parent. The student has to request any information or conferences with an instructor.

On-Line Assignments:  In many Dual Enrollment students are required to complete online assignments and tests. Most instructors will not remind you to check these, so students need to look at their assignments and emails daily.

Instructors:  As in any college, each instructor has their own rules that apply to make up assignments, turning in work, etc. The college instructor is in charge of the student and assigning the student’s grade that will be recorded onto both transcripts.