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   EOC Test-Out Policy 2022

   EOC Test-Out Registration Form 2021


The Georgia State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.15 provides an opportunity for students to "Test-Out" of end-of-course courses. Under the provisions of the rule, students may “Test-Out” of any course for which there is an associated End Of Course test [EOC], and they may also earn credit for the course through that process. For example, a student may attempt the Biology EOC prior to taking the course.  If the student reaches the performance level of "Distinguished" (grade conversion score of 92 or higher), the local board of education shall award the student the Biology course credit.  A student may “test-out” of any course that has an associated EOC.  As stated in the Rule, students may earn no more than three units of credit by demonstrating subject area competency in this fashion.

DCHS End of Course Courses
9th:       Algebra 1
10th:     Biology
11th:     US History; American Literature

Student Eligibility: Students must meet the following requirements to exercise this option:
1. Not currently or previously enrolled in the course
2. Have earned a grade of B or better in the most recent course that is the same content area   of the course for which the student is attempting the EOC (i.e. to attempt the Physical Science EOC, the student must have a B or higher in the most recently completed science course).
3. Received a teacher recommendation from the teacher of the most recent course in the same content area for which the student is attempting the EOC; and
4. Received parent/guardian permission if the student is less than 18 years of age.

Consideration of the test-out option will not be exercised for students without deliberation and clear evidence of the likelihood of student success both on the test itself and in future coursework/endeavors.  Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria above shall not be assessed for this purpose.

1. Students have only one opportunity per course to demonstrate subject area competency through the test-out option.
2. Dawson County will utilize the GaDOE designated summer administration window for “test-out” options (exception for students enrolled at Hightower with administrative approval). All EOC “test-out” administrations will be conducted online.
3. Students who do not reach the performance level of “Exceeds” when attempting to “test-out”, must enroll in the EOC course and take the EOC at the conclusion of that course, regardless of the original “test-out” score.  EOC scores may not be banked.
4. Students who are currently enrolled in, or who have previously been enrolled in, a higher-level course cannot attempt to earn credit by testing out.  For example, a student taking AP Physics may not earn credit for Physical Science through this process.
5. Once a test-out credit has been posted to a student’s transcript, a student may not enroll in the course and course credit cannot be removed from the student’s transcript.

Costs to Dawson County Students
A complete application and $50 payment is due to the high school by May 22rd (last day of school). The state will refund $50 only to students who reach the performance level of “Exceeds”.Students who attain the performance levels of “Does Not Meet” or “Meets” will not be refunded the fee and will not earn course credit; these students must enroll in the course and will take the associated EOC again at the end of the course.

Credit Application to Transcripts

The “Distinguished” score will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Full credit for the course will be awarded, however the score will not impact the student’s GPA in any way. Only students enrolled in Dawson County Schools may participate in testing.

Under NCAA requirements, units of credit earned through testing-out using the EOC will not count as core course credit for athletic aid for any student seeking NCAA Division I or II athletic scholarships. Post-secondary schools outside the state of Georgia may not accept test-out credits; students should check with the prospective university to determine their policy.

Additional EOC resources including assessment guides may be found at:
Assessment guides and resources are found on the right under Parent Resources: Georgia Milestones

Please contact your guidance counselor to see if you qualify for this option.

Test Prep

Students will soon take one or more of the Georgia High School End of Course Tests and/or Georgia High School Graduation tests. To help them prepare for these tests, there are several places online students can go to get help.

One site is Georgia Online ExPRESS to help students prepare in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. For this tutorial, students will need their GTID number, found at the top of their progress reports. GTID numbers may also be requested by contacting the DCHS front office. The web site for Online ExPRESS is When on the site, click on the ExPRESS icon under quick links and follow the directions to sign up.

In addition, Dawson County High School has purchased the leading online review web site, USATestprep to help your student pass these tests. The school's subscription allows your student to review for the Georgia High School EOCT/GHSGT at school, home, or any location with internet access. To use this valuable resource:
1.Get an Activation Code from your teacher.
2. Go to



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