Service Learning

We are very excited about our service program that recognizes students for their years of community service during high school.  Each year the students will keep a record of their service hours on a form that will be provided to them.  It is suggested that service tracking forms be turned in to the counselors’ office on a monthly basis.  Forms will not be accepted that are over three months past the service date.  The person in the community who is in charge of the designated service must sign these forms.  Getting the forms completed and signed is the responsibility of the student.  Any service hours accumulated must be performed outside the school day.  Service hours may not be done for a family member or signed off by a family member.  These activities can be a part of a school club or organization, but the actual hours of work cannot be done during the regular school hours.  If a student has the required number of 200 documented service hours, he/she will receive a gold service seal on his/her diploma.  In addition, if the student has the required 300 hours, he/she will receive the service seal and a service cord of honor to wear at graduation. 

Service Seal 200 hours

Service Seal and Cord of Honor 300 hours

A suggested guideline for the number of hours per year:

Service Seal                                     Service Seal and Cord of Honor
9th Grade   – 50 hours                       9th Grade   - 75 hours
10th Grade – 50 hours                       10th Grade - 75 hours
11th Grade – 50 hours                       11th Grade - 75 hours
12th Grade – 50 hours                       12th Grade - 75 hours
Total = 200 hours                             Total = 300 hours

It will be necessary for seniors to have completed their required hours six weeks prior to Honor’s Night. 

Only 75% of the total number of service hours may be obtained from one activity.   A maximum of eight volunteer hours per day may be earned.  No compensation may be received for reported service hours.  Service hours court-ordered will not count towards the service seal or service cord.    

If you have any questions, please contact a counselor at 706-265-6555.

Service Learning Form

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