Girls Basketball

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2017-2018 Lady Tigers Basketball Roster


13 Kati Brady Sr.

14 Emma Brown Sr.

15 Marlie Townley So.

20 Abi Chatham Sr.

21 Kaylee Sticker Jr.

22 Chloe Bennett So.

23 Calli Watson Sr.

24 Avery Young So. (Var. and JV)

25 Sophia d’Oliveira So.

32 Maggie Schandera Jr.

40 Kenedy Moledor Jr.

42 Anna Lowe Jr.

43 Cadey Ayers Sr.


5 Madison Anglin Fr.

10 Grace McCarthy Fr.

11 Olivia Walls Fr.

24 Avery Young So. (Var. and JV)

30 Ansley Anglin Fr.

35 Bella Henson Fr.

44 Rachel Swafford So.

55 Shyla Sheffield Fr.

Managers (Var. and JV):

Brianna Luna So.

Lexi Holloway So.

MacKenzie Willoughby Jr.


Steve Sweat

Anne Hyams (asst. varsity, JV coach)